Compost Crock: 5 Models That Look Nice In the Kitchen

Once you begin composting at home, you quickly realize that your kitchen is a great source of materials to throw in your compost bin or compost pile.

But who wants to make a trip back and forth to the yard every time you make a meal at home?

That’s where a compost crock comes in handy. You can just keep one on your kitchen counter and add eggshells, coffee grounds, orange rinds, apple cores and any other fruit or vegetable odds and ends that you end up with. Throw them into the crock and then just empty it once every few days, or once a week!

Here is a selection of nice looking compost crocks that you might consider for your house.

If you’re too cheap to buy one of these, you can always use a Tupperware container, by the way!

A plastic compost crock is your simplest choice. This green one holds almost two gallons’ worth of kitchen scraps, and has a nice handle and a carbon filter to keep out any smells. It’s around $20, online.



Bamboo Compost Crock This Bamboo Compost Crock is cool because it’s made of a sustainable material. However, we should point out that it has a plastic liner on the inside, so it’s not all wine and eco roses. Holds about 3 liters’ worth of materials, and also has a carbon filter and nice handle. $39 online.


And what about a stainless steel compost crock? Goes perfectly with your stainless kitchen appliances! Holds about a gallon, dishwasher safe, has carbon filters, and a nice handle. Also around $39 online.


White Ceramic Compost CrockThis white ceramic compost crock is simple and elegant. Holds about a gallon, uses a carbon filter, has a handle, and is also dishwasher safe like the others. The downside to ceramic is that if you drop it, CRASH! $39 online.


Black Ceramic Compost Crock I’ve heard that once you use a black ceramic compost crock, you never go back! This one has the same specs as the white one, with just the opposite color. Also $39, available online.



So which one of these compost crocks is your favorite? I prefer the white ceramic crock.

Compost Activator. Do you really need it?

Compost activator is not vital to the success of your compost pile – in other words, it will not make or break the final product. However, the truth remains that compost activator can certainly help out when it comes to composting. The main function of compost activator is simply to speed up the compost process.

Sounds great, but how does it do that?

Compost activator speeds up the composting process by using a combination of pH balances, energy sources, and microorganisms. Basically, you can buy compost activator (also called “compost accelerator”) by the bag, and then just add it to your compost pile. It’s that easy. You will notice that any organic matter that you have that is difficult to compost may break down a bit more quickly, and that once the rapid decomposition takes place, you are on your way to quicker compost.

As previously stated, it’s not entirely necessary when it comes to your compost, but it can certainly help speed up the process.

Where to buy compost activator

You can find compost activator at online stores like this one, and often at your local garden center.

Compost Starter. Do you really need it?

So much like compost activator, compost starter is a great thing to have in your corner to speed up the compost process. It is not required for having that perfect compost when all is said and done – compost can still be produced without it. The fact remains though that it can be quite helpful.

Compost starter is typically a natural biological activator that really gets the compost going, and aids in the decomposition process. As a result, you can get to that sweet black gold in no time! Since it is all natural, it is 100 percent safe for the environment, and in some cases a little 4 ounce bottle can be used for up to 1,000 pounds of compost – so you can use it with ease.

If you are looking to speed up the decomposition process right from the get-go, then compost starter is where it’s at.