Compost Turner: This Tool Works for Home Bins

Compost turners are great for homemade bins! Typically, when you make a homemade bin, the opening will be large and there will be a lot of room for excess compost and organic material. This means the compost has to be turned with a certain frequency – as there is no tumbling motion such as seen in rotating or tumbling composters.

So, when you purchase a compost turner, you are able to properly aerate and mix your compost in a matter of minutes. Using a tool is simple – just plunge it into the compost and then move it and mix the compost around. It’s that simple. You are then able to blend the different elements in your compost bin together, make sure they get the proper amount of exposure and aeration, and then let nature do the rest of the work. A compost turning tool works twice as well as a shovel or pitchfork, and really lets you get down deep into the soil.