A Spinning Composter: Useful, or overkill?

Photo found on Flickr.com courtesy of Clean Air Gardening.

Spinning or tumbling composters can be quite popular – especially when it comes to the spring and summer months, or when it comes to keeping your compost in check. However, there seems to be an ongoing debate – are these composters useful, or is it just too much overkill? Well, while there may seem to be more advantages than disadvantages to owning a spinning or tumbling composter, we have decided to lay the pros and cons out for you so you can help decide for yourself.

Compost Tumbler Advantages:

  • Easy Rotation – No need for a pitchfork or compost turner
  • Moisture Conservation – Will not dry out or be exposed to the elements as easily
  • Tidy Compost Pile – It’s all in one easy to reach area
  • Quick Compost Time – Under ideal conditions, you can have fresh compost in as quick as three weeksCompost Tumbler Disadvantages:
  • Often Expensive – Sometimes, spinning composters and compost tumblers can be a bit pricey
  • Not that Big – There is more surface area available with many large compost bins as opposed to a compost tumbler
  • You Cannot Pack The Container Fully – Your material won’t compost if the tumbler is packed to the max

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