Compost Making at Home, With Worms

composting worms

It’s easy to make compost at home. You can start a compost pile outside and put 3-6 months of back breaking labor into sorting and stirring your organic garbage with a rake. Or, you can outsource the hard work. No, I’m not talking about kidnapping Oompa Loompas — there are better workers who don’t sing and are less likely to cause headaches with OSHA. They’re even available at the local bait shop and pet store. I’m talking about composting with worms.

Turning your kitchen scraps into compost is what worms enjoy doing. They dream of finding big piles of banana peels and coffee grounds! Give them exactly what they want, and you’ll have a happy workforce. To start your sweat shop, all you need is a worm bin.

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Home composting is easy

full compost bin

Composting at home is a simple task that is easy, and can bring many positive results in the end for your home or garden. The task may at first seem overwhelming or daunting – but have no fear, it’s quite simple.

When home composting, you can add things such as a compost pail to your kitchen. A compost pail will allow you to store food scraps while preparing food, so that you can take them out to the compost bin every few days.

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7 Easy DIY Composter Plans to Build Your Own Compost Bin

Build your own DIY compost bin

There are many different brands of compost bins available for purchase on the market. Each of these are designed to help dispose of organic materials, keeping it out of landfills while helping you pack your garden’s soil with nutrient-rich plant food each growing season. The compost bins gardeners can purchase range in price from $20 (for a small kitchen compost container) to $1,400 and up (for large outdoor composting setups).

Though many of the composting systems available on the market are fully loaded and designed to get the most out of your kitchen and garden scraps, most of them are simply containers with added holes for aeration and drainage. Why spend that much money on something you can make yourself out of materials you could find in a junkyard? Continue reading “7 Easy DIY Composter Plans to Build Your Own Compost Bin”