Compost Maker: Are compost activators necessary?

What is a compost activator? It is often also referred to as compost starter, composter maker or compost accelerator, and is an organic substance that will basically speed up the compost time of your materials in the bin. It aids in the breakdown process simply by speeding it up by using a combination of pH balances, energy sources, and microorganisms.

Compost Accelerator is not entirely necessary to your compost pile. This is because the natural breakdown of materials will occur just as it would in nature. Additionally, sometimes some freshly made compost or nutrient rich soil mixed in with your organic material can help start the process as well. However, the fact remains that compost starter really lives up to its name – it “jump starts” your compost heap and gets everything working in such a way that you will be on the highway to an excellent compost pile in no time.

So if you like to get a quick start on things, consider adding some compost maker into the mix.

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