Home composting is easy

full compost bin

Composting at home is a simple task that is easy, and can bring many positive results in the end for your home or garden. The task may at first seem overwhelming or daunting – but have no fear, it’s quite simple.

When home composting, you can add things such as a compost pail to your kitchen. A compost pail will allow you to store food scraps while preparing food, so that you can take them out to the compost bin every few days.

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Composte: How to make compost

You say “composte,” I say compost!

But either way, I want to help you learn to make your own composte at home.

Here’s a rundown of the resources available on this site:

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Still have questions about composting? Ask on our Composting Questions and Answers page.

Check out our Chart of Materials that you can and can’t use when composting.

Want to know Why to Composte? We’ve got a page for that too.

Composting Tip: Can I compost Beans?

We love to get reader questions. Laura asks us the following:

“hi, thanks. I wonder about beans….are they like meat? i cook beans for two and inevitably have left over, can i compost? will they attract rats etc I live in the city…up til now i only am using raw fruit and veggie and grass leaves ….thanks (ex: pea soup, no oil, lental soup etc no oil). thank you”

Great question, Laura. The answer is: beans should be fine for composting. Here’s some rules of thumb though: it’s a good idea to bury kitchen scraps and food further down the pile and then put the leaves/grass clippings over them. You might want to follow this tact when composting your beans as well. This will ensure that they will have less of a chance of being subject to rodents and pests.

All in all, you should be fine. Thanks for your question, and hope this helps!