Wooden Compost Bins: Buy or Build Your Own?

Some people prefer the natural look of a wooden compost bin. Although most of the commercial compost bins you see these days are plastic, you do see some wooden compost bins now that are already made.

Here are two wooden composters that I like that you can buy.

This cedar bin has two large sections so that you can keep two compost piles going at once and compost large amounts of materials. It’s a great choice if you like to compost leaves, which take up a lot of space. Cedar is very durable, and it’s also a readily available wood that is eco friendly.

This spruce composter is made from FSC certified sustainable wood. It has a really nice look, and the wood has been heat treated for extra durability. The lid is nice, and the extra large spaces between slats allow good aeration.

But what if you want to build a wooden compost bin yourself? You still have a lot of options.

I really like this booklet that has a bunch of different plans for compost bins that you can build yourself. There are a lot of ideas for different styles of bins, and the instructions are clear.

You can also find plans online to build a wooden composter yourself, if you’re the handy type.

The University of Missouri Extension has free plans for several types of compost bins, including a cedar wooden compost bin.

Any other good sources for wooden composter plans out there that I might have missed?

2 thoughts on “Wooden Compost Bins: Buy or Build Your Own?”

  1. I really don’t like doing dirty stuff and mostly I don’t like the thought that I’d be holding those wormy and slimy creatures. That’s totally gross! But thank you for sharing anyway.

    1. @Brenda Simard, Thanks for your comments but please let me correct you. Worms are not slimy and gross the moisture you find on them allows them to move through the soil much easier and we likely have far more disgusting microorganisms on us than any worm does. As for you not likely dirty stuff, composting is not really that messy unless the person who is doing it really like to get dirty. Adding leaves and kitchen scraps to your compost bin is much like adding something to a garbage can, however adding to your garbage can adds to our growing problem with landfills. Do yourself a favor and give it a try before you judge it to be gross and dirty, you might just find it fun and relaxing, it sounds like you may need it.

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